Currency Converter

Need to quickly calculate exchange rates and convert currency values? Our online currency converter supports 161 national currencies making it easy to get live conversion rates.

A currency converter is an indispensable tool for both travelers as well as businesses dealing internationally. It converts any amount to the equivalent value in another currency by applying the latest foreign exchange rates.

What is a Currency Converter?

At its core, a currency converter takes an input currency and amount, and outputs the equivalent in a different target currency based on current exchange rates. For example:

  • Input = 100 USD
  • Output = 82 Euro

It provides up-to-date exchange rates to ensure accurate conversions even as rates fluctuate everyday.

Key uses of currency converters:

  • Convert prices of goods and services to local currencies when traveling.
  • Track true value of overseas assets and investments.
  • Compare costs across regions and subsidiaries.
  • Minimize foreign exchange risk by well-timed transfers.
  • Standardize reporting of financials across geographies.

National Currency Support

This online tool supports instant conversion across 161 national and regional currencies worldwide.

Some of the supported currencies include:

  • Major currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD etc.
  • Countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas.
  • Additional regions like Gulf States, Scandinavia, Oceania.

Rates are refreshed every hour to reflect latest exchange rates. The tool also provides handy formatting of currency symbols and separators.

Next time you need currency conversion across borders, give this converter a try for a fast and reliable experience. It takes the complexity out of exchange rates.